Alpena County Road Commission


Alpena County Road Commission

1400 North Bagley Street ~ Alpena, Michigan  49707

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the Alpena County Road Commission is to enhance the social and economic quality of life of our community by providing and maintaining, consistent with the financial resources available to the Commission, a safe and efficient system of county roads and streets for the citizens of Alpena County; and to continuously strive to improve the quality of the service we deliver.

Winter Safety Tips:  This document provides winter safety tips for motorists, property owners and children.

Defensive Driving Tips:  Defensive driving is crucial year-round, but winter brings additional considerations.  Remember--Ice and Snow, Take It Slow!

Teen Driving Tips:  Driving on roads covered with ice or snow is a challenge for any driver.  Even with years of experience, hitting a patch of ice and going into a skid is a nightmare.  If these wintery conditions can cause problems for seasoned drivers, image how dangerous it is for new drivers who don't have years of driving experience to rely on in an emergency.

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